Students Granted Dismissal Appeal

The Collegiate Success Coach provides intentional outreach and support services to students in the probation process at CSU.

The Collegiate Success Coach provides 1-1 coaching and a comprehensive workshop for students who have been granted an academic dismissal appeal.

Academic Dismissal Appeal

Students on academic probation who do not raise their cumulative GPA to a 2.000 or higher after two regular semesters (fall and spring) will be dismissed from CSU. Freshman Accelerated Fresh Start students are not included in this timeline and follow the timeline outlined in that policy.

Students may appeal academic dismissal. An online appeal may be submitted for consideration by the Faculty Council Committee on Scholastic Standards. All appeals must be submitted in accordance with written instructions.

A dismissal appeal that is granted allows the student to return immediately for the next regular semester (fall or spring). Dismissal appeals granted cannot carry forward to a future semester unless the student was approved (prior to dismissal) for a planned leave for the next regular semester. If a student withdraws during the dismissal appeal granted semester due to extenuating circumstances, the student must submit another appeal to dismissal that includes documentation of the extenuating circumstances or the student will be dismissed at the end of the dismissal appeal granted semester.

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Redirecting Our Undergraduates Toward Excellence

This program is designed for students on an approved dismissal appeal. In this workshop, students work to build foundations of success with the assistance of the Collegiate Success Coach to analyze their academic approach and identify resources for academic recovery.

Resources for Students Granted Dismissal Appeal