Academic Probation Support

Holistic services and support to students facing academic challenges

The Collegiate Success Coach in the Outreach and Support Programs unit provides support to students facing academic challenges and navigating academic policies and processes at CSU. Services provided include programming for students in the probation process and 1-1 success coaching for CSU students.

Academic Probation

Students with a cumulative GPA lower than a 2.000 will be on academic probation for a period of one or two regular semesters (fall and spring). Grades earned in regular credit courses through the Division of Continuing Education or the CSU summer session will count toward the cumulative GPA regardless of when those classes are taken. At any time that the cumulative GPA is raised to a 2.000 or higher, the student will return to good academic standing.

Students who withdraw from CSU while on probation will remain on probation when they return to the University. Students on academic probation who return to CSU after attending another institution will continue their probation, since transfer credits are not computed within the cumulative GPA earned at CSU.

Programs and Services

Success Coaching

The Collegiate Success Coach provides support to students navigating academic challenges at CSU.

Steps to Academic Success (StAS)

This program was specifically designed for students on their first term on academic probation (PRB1). In this outreach initiative, students work with their advisor and the Collegiate Success Coach via Canvas modules to reflect on academic success, create an action plan, and open dialogue with course planning.

Project Success

Our long-running academic workshop has undergone a redesign to address students on academic probation term 2 (PRB2). This workshop is designed to reflect on past academic performance and zero in on the factors that are preventing student success. We will explore academic policies, time management methods, study strategies, mid-semester course registration, and much more.


Redirecting Our Undergraduates Toward Excellence

This program is designed for students on an approved dismissal appeal. In this workshop, students work to build foundations of success with the assistance of the Collegiate Success Coach to analyze their academic approach and identify resources for academic recovery.