The Fostering Success Program is a network of students, staff, and faculty who connect to form a support system for CSU students who have experienced independent status. What is independent status?

  • foster care
  • dependent or ward of the court
  • orphan status (both parents deceased)
  • unaccompanied minor
  • legal guardianship or living with a relative other than your biological parents
  • homeless or at risk of being homeless without the presence of parents/guardian
  • legally emancipated

What are Care Packages and how to I receive them?

A tradition of the Fostering Success Program are the care packages that we send out to students a couple times during the semester. The care packages are full of helpful items like personal care items, food, household items, notebooks, binders, pencils, and gift cards.

Students receive care packages by first requesting to receive them on the beginning of the semester survey that FSP staff send out. All a student has to do is check the box on that survey and enter in their mailing address.  If the student lives in the residence halls, then the package will be delivered and kept at the front desk of that respective building.  If a student lives in the city of Fort Collins, the package will be either delivered at their home or a student has the option to request to pick up their care package.  If requested, the care package is held at the front desk of the Collaborative for Student Achievement.

I’m concerned about my housing, can FSP help?

FSP Galena Emergency Housing Fund was created by a generous donor to support emergency housing needs for FSP students. Please contact us using the contact page if you need emergency housing assistance.

I want to be part of FSP, what do I do now?

FSP will contact newly admitted and confirmed students prior to Ram Orientation. If you are eager to connect with us now, you can always reach us through our contact page.

Do you have information I can download? A report or marketing materials?

Yes!  Here is a one page front and back info-graphic about the Fostering Success Program, in PDF form:

Download the PDF