Academic Coaching

Support program for first-year students

Selected first-year students identified through the admissions review process are invited to participate in the Academic Coaching program for their first-year at CSU.


The purpose of the Academic Coaching initiative is to provide supplemental support during the first year to first-time, first-year students identified during the admission process at CSU. The Academic Coaching program is designed to help facilitate a meaningful connection to a coach to provide intentional outreach and resources throughout the student’s first year. 

Overview of Program

Students are contacted by their assigned coach within the first few weeks of their first semester. Coaches provide regular outreach and check-in with students to ask about on-going progress, share information about upcoming deadlines, and links to campus resources. Students also have the opportunity to meet 1-1 with coaches for individual support.

Students who meet regularly with their Academic Coach demonstrate higher persistence and lower academic probation rates compared to students who do not participate in coach meetings.

Approximately 400 students are invited to join the Academic Coaching program each year.