Academic Resources

The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) Learning Programs

Do you read and re-read your book and still feel like you haven’t absorbed much? Do you need guidance on some assignments? Do you find yourself stressed out? Go to this site to learn more about study skills, strategies to combat procrastination, tutoring, and several academic workshops.

Tutoring @ CSU

Tutoring @ CSU is a tool students can use to browse for available tutors in a specific subject area. Please note that tutor’s availability will vary and that available tutors charge a rate per hour or for the session.

The Calculus Center

The mission of the Calculus Center is to improve student learning and academic performances for all students in our calculus courses. We support instruction that carefully considers student thinking and engages students as active participants in their learning process. One of the ways we support our mission is through extended tutoring and small group mentoring. Our help desk is open to students on a drop-in basis during our regular office hours.

Eagle Feather Tutoring

Hosted by the Native American Cultural Center, all students are welcome to receive tutoring! Please visit the website for up-to-date information regarding Eagle Feather Tutoring times and locations.

The Writing Center 

The Colorado State University Writing Center is a free service open to Colorado State University students, staff, faculty, and alumni as well as the local Fort Collins community. Our goal is to engage our community in conversations about writing; to that end, we provide face-to-face and online consultations for writers in all disciplines working on all types of writing from traditional research papers to electronic texts such as websites and blogs. Beginning with writers’ needs and concerns, we use our knowledge and expertise to enhance writers’ understanding of a variety of rhetorical issues, such as purpose, audience, style and conventions. Our consultants can assist writers at all stages of the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, researching, revising, and polishing. We strive to help writers develop the confidence to make effective writing choices in any writing situation. In these ways, we support the shared goal of writing centers everywhere to help create better writers, not just better writing.

Morgan Library

From computer labs to assisting students with research. 


YOU@CSU is a path of self-exploration that connects you to personalized resources, whenver and wherever, to help you make the most of your college experience.

Target GPA Predictor

Want to know how many As and Bs it will take to bring your GPA up to the GPA you want? Use this tool to help you find out. Please note that these calculations are estimated projections.

GPA Predictor Tool

Input your current standing and the grades you expect in this semester’s courses to see what GPA you should have at the end of the semester.

Student Support

Adult Learner and Veteran Services (ALVS)

Do you consider yourself as a non-traditional student? Perhaps you are a veteran of the US armed forces? ALVS understands the challenges and obstacles faces non-traditional and veteran students. Click on the link to go their website to learn more about their office and the resources they have to offer.

Exploring Majors

Not sure what you want to major in? Struggling to find a major that aligns with your career goals? Undeclared Academic Success Coordinators assist students who want to explore and possibly change majors.

Academic Advising

CSU is committed to providing high quality advising services to all students. Each undergraduate student is assigned an advisor corresponding to their academic major(s). Undergraduate students may locate their assigned advisor in RAMweb. If the advisor assignment is unclear, the student should contact the department that offers their primary or secondary major. For minor advising please use the search function in the General Catalog. Undeclared students (students exploring majors and/or working toward entry into a competitive major) should contact the Collaborative for Student Achievement.

Academic Advancement Center (TRIO Student Support Services)

The Academic Advancement Center (A TRIO Student Support Services Program) has served over 6,500 students on the CSU campus since its arrival on campus in 1978. The Center is funded by a primary grant from the U.S. Department Education, with additional funds for operations, tutoring, and for direct grants to students from the University. A grant from FirstBank Community Fund of Colorado also allows for enrichment of programs. As one of the 946 federally-funded Student Support Services programs in the nation, our mission is to help low-income, first-generation college students, foster youth, and students with disabilities to stay in college until they earn their baccalaureate degrees.

The Career Center

If you are needing assistance with your resume, interview skills, or just to talk to someone about your career options. Check them out at their website!

Student Case Management

Student Case Management & Referral Coordination provides crisis prevention and intervention services. In difficult situations such as medical, mental health, behavioral, personal or family crisis, illness or injury, a student may find it difficult to navigate the resources and services available. Student Case Managers consult with students, faculty, staff, families, and providers to offer guidance on the next best steps.

Office of Financial Aid

Questions about your bill? Need help figuring our your award letter? Looking for on-campus jobs? Looking for important deadlines? The Office of Financial Aid is here to help!

Student Diversity Programs and Services

Colorado State University (CSU) is proud of its efforts to enhance, appreciate and support diversity and multi-culturalism as part of its mission as a land-grant institution of higher education. Below are a selection of programs and services designed to support students in a variety of ways and provide opportunities to successfully participate in, and contribute to, the diverse campus environment. While each office listed may emphasize a specific segment of the student body, services and programs are available to benefit all students at CSU.

Student Legal Services

SLS helps CSU students resolve their legal issues with as little disruption as possible to their educational endeavors. SLS focuses on educating students on the law and enabling them to help themselves resolve legal issues.

Women and Gender Advocacy Center

Our purpose is to provide a safe and affirming space for the students we serve at Colorado State University, while supporting systemic change to end all forms of oppression within our community.

Student Disability Center

Student Disability Center provides support for students with both permanent and temporary limitations and chronic illness/health conditions (physical and mental health). Limitations include, but are not limited to, mobility, hearing, seeing, and learning. Chronic illness/health conditions include, but are not limited to, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, celiac, and concussion.