Academic Probation

Failure to maintain a CUM GPA earned at CSU of 2.000 or higher will result in academic probation for a period of two regular semesters (fall and spring). Grades earned in regular credit courses through the Division of Continuing Education or the CSU summer session will count toward the CUM GPA regardless of when those classes are taken. At any time that the CUM GPA is raised to a 2.000 or higher, the student will return to regular academic standing.

Students who withdraw from CSU while on probation will remain on probation if they return to the University. Students on academic probation who return to CSU after attending another institution will continue their probation, since transfer credits are not computed within the CUM GPA earned at CSU.

Academic Fresh Start

Former CSU undergraduate students may apply for an academic Fresh Start, a policy which allows students to establish a new academic record. A student may be granted a Fresh Start only once.

An academic Fresh Start may be granted after at least two years have elapsed since the student’s last term of enrollment as an admitted, degree-seeking student, regardless of the number of credits taken. Courses taken through the Division of Continuing Education, as a guest student, or the CSU Summer Session after being dismissed or ceasing enrollment as an admitted degree-seeking student will not count against the two-year interval required for a Fresh Start.

Eligibility for a Fresh Start can be achieved in one or both of the following ways:

a. Be successful in a job or volunteer experience and be able to supply strong letters of recommendation from your employer/supervisor (recommendations must not be from a family member or relative).
b. Take at least 15 credits of academic courses either at another institution or as a guest student at CSU and earn a 2.500 or higher cumulative GPA

Students applying for a Fresh Start will also need to:

  1. Submit a Returning Student Application by the deadline for the appropriate semester.
  2. Write a statement of motivation on why you would like to return to CSU and why you think you are now ready to succeed. Analyze your past behavior and provide evidence of change and success since you left CSU.
  3. In your statement, include an action plan for academic success that you have researched and considered carefully. Describe specifically how you will utilize campus advising and resources. Review the Collaborative for Student Achievement website for suggested resources.
  4. Submit all information to the Office of Admissions.

A student granted a Fresh Start and enrolled will have a demarcation on the permanent academic record to delineate the previous record from the new academic record achieved under the Fresh Start policy. Credits for those courses in which a grade of at least C- or S was awarded prior to the Fresh Start may be applied toward graduation requirements under the Fresh Start policy.

Only grades earned after the Fresh Start demarcation will be computed in the new GPA. A Fresh Start may have implications regarding other requirements for graduation, such as upper-division and in-residence requirements.

If a student receives a Fresh Start, the student must successfully complete at least 30 upper-division credits of course-work in residence at CSU after the Fresh Start is granted in order to graduate.

Registration Appeal

Students who have missed the withdrawal deadline and face extenuating circumstances may file for a registration appeal to either withdraw from a course or add/drop a course. Once you review the form, set up an appointment with the Collegiate Success Coach to go over questions and discuss this option even further.

Retroactive Withdrawal

Past academic performance can be revisited. If you didn’t perform as well as you had hoped and you had situations beyond your control; you may want to consider withdrawing from a previously completed semester. Students must have a personal statement and supporting documentation.

Academic Dismissal Appeal

Are you on academic probation 2 and face the possibility of dismissal? You may file for an academic dismissal appeal to petition the university to grant an additional semester. Our Collegiate Success Coach, Juan Rivas, can guide you through the entire process step-by-step.

Tuition Assessment Appeal

Students who have withdrawn or dropped courses past the add/drop or withdrawal deadline may file a Tuition Assessment Appeal with the Registrar’s Office.