Welcome back to CSU!

Every semester students have to leave CSU before they are able to complete their degree program.  Life circumstances including family crisis, financial concerns, an internship or job, can take a student away from their studies and interrupt their original timeline for graduation.  If you are considering coming back to CSU there are resources and support for you.

Here are some initial steps for returning:

1. Contact the Office of Admissions about a returning student

2. Contact an Academic Advisor

  • If you are returning but switching majors, you will need to speak with an Advisor from your new academic department [Find your advisor by logging into RamWeb]
  • If you are returning to the same program, you will want to find out about any changes that might impact your requirements for your degree
  • If you are returning undeclared, you will need to make an appointment to speak with an Undeclared Advisor.

3. Contact the Registrar’s Office to confirm your degree requirements

Our office provides outreach to selected students who were less than a year from graduating and in good academic standing to try to resolve particular types of situations and enable students to complete the last step and be able to say “I am a graduate of Colorado State University.”

4. Register for Ram Reconnect

Policies and procedures may have changed while you were away from CSU. If you received an invitation from Outreach and Support to attend and complete Ram Reconnect, you can complete that step here. Find out more about Ram Reconnect by clicking on “Register for Ram Reconnect.”