Ram Re-ROUTE, Redirecting Our Undergraduates Toward Excellence is a 1-hr workshop designed specifically for CSU students on Probation 2 who have been granted a dismissal appeal.  These workshops are offered during the first week of classes each semester. This workshop encompasses student motivation, semester academic goal setting and utilizing resources that may not have been previously utilized.

In being granted the dismissal appeal, the Scholastic Standards Committee also requires these students to meet with the Collegiate Success Coach, Juan Rivas, three times throughout the semester.  In having the individual check-ins, students are better able to keep on top of the reality of their semester academics and are better prepared for “what’s next” after the end of term.

If you have already attended a Ram Re-ROUTE workshop and need to schedule your one-on-one meeting with Juan, please make an appointment as soon as possible!  When making the appointment, please let the Collaborative for Student Achievement front desk staff know that you need to meet with Juan specifically.

Ram Re-ROUTE Spring 2021

If you are on academic probation for the second semester (P2), and are worried you won’t meet the requirements, you can file and academic dismissal appeal.  Appeals are due December 29, and the decisions are made by January 6, 2021