Is completing your Bachelor’s degree program an unfulfilled goal that is holding you back from what is next in your life? 

Each semester many students like yourself are unable to finish up their last 3-15 credits of coursework due to financial, personal, and medical crises.  Family responsibilities, work, internships, etc. can weigh students down and push them off track with their degree completion.  If this has happened to you know that you are not alone and that there are resources and support to help you complete your degree.

CSU has resources and support to help students closet to graduation complete their degree.  Please contact the Collegiate Success Coach as soon as possible to discuss resources, solutions and options for completing your degree if you have left very close to finishing your program.  The longer you wait to complete your degree the more challenging it can become.  You may be surprised to learn what is possible through tapping into campus resources and exploring all of your options.